Health in Motion: I move, therefore I am

MMM Dancers on the beach

A new blog post has been written by Elaine MacGillivray – Project Archivist at the Fergusson Gallery in Perth, Scotland. She delves into the history of Margaret Morris Movement and it's many benefits, especially to a healthier mind and body. She talks about the qualities that we all know to be fundamental to MMM: the intertwining of remedial and aesthetic values to create dance. 

Below is an extract from Health In Motion: I move, therefore I am 

"Morris propounded the remedial and health benefits of dance and her particular movement method as she witnessed improvements in her dancers’ posture and general health. Morris developed a dance system which, she argued, was more natural than classical ballet and allowed for all the possibilities of movement, including spring and balance, without artificialities or contortions – to allow a true freedom of expression." 

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