The Company

Margaret Morris Movement International Limited is the governing body of Margaret Morris Movement and membership of the company is open to all those who participate in or are friends of MMM. Application forms for membership are available from the administrative headquarters or from any registered teacher of the Movement.

The company arranges and organises courses, seminars, conferences, summer schools, displays and other events for its members. The company conducts training courses for teachers of MMM and maintains a register of qualified teachers of the Movement throughout the world.

Margaret Morris Movement is a member of the Movement and Dance Division of the Sport and Recreation Alliance. It is recognised by similar national bodies elsewhere in the world.

The company has charitable status and promotes opportunities for all people regardless of their age, ethnic origin, gender, ability or disability using the methods devised by Margaret Morris.



Margaret Morris

Margaret Morris

Who was she? What did she achieve? Find out here about her life and work.

Jim Hastie

Jim Hastie

Find out about the life and work of Jim, Margaret's successor and Artistic Director of MMM.


MMM Experiences

What do people say about MMM - classes, performance, the experience of moving and dance?



Find out here about the MMM system of training and how to become a teacher of MMM.